Challenge #237 – Stencil Strings

The list of to-do’s for this Monday is a mile long, but as they say, timing is everything. And this challenge posed to us by guest blogger Charlotte Carpentier was all about timing…perfect timing! I am in the process of getting ready for a new rendition of my Sketchbook Series class, which is a four week class where we will be creating our own Zentangle® journal, or reference book, of not only tangles, but exploring different mediums and how they can work in our creative expressions. The studio has been a constant flow of new medium arrivals to share, followed by my school girl excitement to try them all out. Thank you to all the fellow CZTs and tanglers that so willingly share their unique creations and ideas to all of us that may not have thought of that particular way to create our expressions! I just love our community!

And so it is, a challenge that fits right into my ‘to do’ list for today. Although I have used stencils and different mediums to achieve the desired image for tangling, I wanted to try using my Ranger® Distress Inks with a stencil brush to see how the paper responded, as well as how the slight texture created by the stencil brush would ultimately affect the outcome of the tangles themselves. So, the challenge was a very easy decision for me today! I decided to use a Renaissance Zendala for a couple of reasons…paper and round. Although my stencil that I wound up using wasn’t Zendala worthy, I am still fond of the outcome. The paper…well…I still find it a bit soft, even for this application, and it even ripped a bit where I put two miniscule glue dots to help hold down the stencil. Shhh…no one will ever know ;)

So, here you have it, my response to Challenge #237. My list? As I press post, that will have three items crossed off in one press of a button…challenge – check, distressed inks – check, blog – check…all before eating lunch! I hope this finds you with having a great day as well!

IMG_3861       IMG_3863-(3)

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me back, and for stopping in and taking the time to leave comments. They always seem to have the ability to warm my heart. Zentangle® is such a great family!

With Gratitude,






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  1. Your round tile is just gorgeous! I see the lovely remains on your stencil and hope you gave it a gentle spritz of water and pressed it on another piece of watercolor paper. It is just too yummy to waste :)

    1. Oh Jean…I wish I could say I did just that with my stencil. Unfortunately, these are the remnants of years of abuse and disrespect for the wonderful tools that treat me so well, and I, not them so much! Maybe I’ll hear a voice of Jean in my head and make a point of cleaning stamps, stencils, and paint brushes and thank you in a year for all the money I’ve saved not having to replace constantly! Kind of like every time I pull into Sheetz (a local gas station), I hear my daughter say…use your points card, Mom! Haha! Thank you so much for stopping by, commenting and appreciating my response to the challenge. Have a wonderful day!

    2. On an aside, maybe you could offer some insight into this. For the second week in a row, I’ve tried to comment on your blog. Although the ‘comment’ option is bold and allows me to click on it, nothing opens up for me to comment. Yours is not the only one, but since I can reply to your comment here, I thought I’d try to see if you know what I’m doing wrong? In either case, I am in love with your Diva submission! I love how we all share our ideas for others to explore and they aren’t big trade secrets! Just know, I will be trying your reverse stenciling for sure! LOVE IT! Thanks for any advice you can offer me on the comment thing.

    1. Thank you, Susan! At first I wondered what I was thinking, but after it was shaded, I agree…it kind of all came together with that background :) Thank you for your kind words! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Your 4 work course sounds fabulous. So far, I have only taught an introduction to Zentangle class. Thanks for sharing 2 versions of what you did with your stencil. It’s interesting to see how you can use the same base to create different looks. And thank you for reminding me of some blog maintenance I need to do—distressed links indeed!

    1. Yes, I do get a nice response to my sketchbook series, the catch for me is keeping it new. But distressed inks has now been added to this four weeks! I didn’t do two versions with the same stencil, I think you’re seeing two different versions as one version being a disrespected stencil! haha…I realized as I took the picture that I’m showing the ‘Diva World’ my lack of respect for the tools I use!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my submission! As far as the stencil, it’s not labeled and it’s been in my stash of goodies for years, so I’m really not sure (and I’m not one to neatly put things back into their packaging after use either, so that is long gone as well). If I see it around, I will follow back up on this! Have a great day!

    1. Yes, the distress inks were successful and will be used in my class. The sketchbook series was a big hit the first time, and so I scheduled another that is starting in October and that too is successful as far as signups…the challenge for me is coming up with four more weeks of ‘unique’! Not sure how long I can continue to be unique! LOL! Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind thoughts, have a great day!

  3. This is so pretty! I know less than nothing about stencils and inks, so it was great to hear Jean’s suggestion of using the ink on the face of the stencil for another project. How cool is that? I love the gel pens for the tangles on your Zendala. Yes, the Renaissance tile paper is very soft, but it reminds me to slow down and work carefully. I love what you did with yours (truly, no one would know about the glue thing…)!

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