Challenge #238 and #239

And here I am, another week behind. So, in playing catch up, I’ll get right to it. Challenge #238 was to use the tangle Tri-Bee by Beate Winkler. I’m not sure why I found this tangle such a challenge, but I did! I’m not one to practice a tangle before going live, but I would definitely have benefited from that practice with this tangle. There are many step outs that Beate offered us for how this tangle comes together, but I just wasn’t getting the angle of the extensions properly. Therefore, I gave up on the Tri-Bee pretty quickly and incorporated it into a purk. Here is my interpretation of Challenge #238:


And Challenge #239 brings me to current. It’s at least still in the same week that I am submitting my entry, so I consider that an accomplishment. Munchin?? Uuugghh!! I’m not sure what my hang up is about this tangle, but it’s one of those that just ‘doesn’t do it’ for me. So simple, yet so complex. So plain, yet so intricate. We have that love/hate relationship of tangle marriage. So, as you can tell I wasn’t thrilled with the proposal of this challenge. However, even with all the contradictions laid out, I was already behind, and I trudged forward. Munchin…plain and simple since I can’t visualize anything but the basics with tangle as we currently exist. I can’t wait to see what others can visualize and make out of this tangle! (If you too are the least bit curious, checkout the submissions here )


Thanks so much for stopping by and for all those that take the time to comment with such kind words, they are greatly appreciated.

With gratitude,

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  1. Your tiles are looking so much better than your words make us think (is that a clear sentence? Not sure about that!). Anyway, I think they are two lovely tiles :-)

  2. I think plain and simple works best with Munchin, it doesn’t lend itself to flexibility for me I’m afraid. I did enjoy Tri Bee, though, although I agree, it needs practice to get a flow going.

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