Challenge #249

It’s a new year…an opportunity for a new beginning! So Happy New Year everyone, I hope it’s a good one for all of us! And a very special Congratulations to The Diva herself on her five year anniversary of sharing her challenges with us Tanglers. Thanks!

In keeping with the celebration year, the challenge we were gifted was a duo tangle (only two tangles) using Diva Dance (her very own tangle gifted for her birthday by none other than Rick and Maria) and Auraknot. Two tangles, neither of which I use a lot of…as a matter of fact, I stay pretty far away from Auraknot! But, a new beginning and a hospital waiting room led me to try to figure out how to even start Auraknot (the link in the blog took me to the surprise of the new tangle, but not the step outs and I didn’t want to use all my data trying to find it…so I winged it). Once home, I found that I didn’t do it ‘correctly’, but since there are no mistakes, and the end result looked similar, I decided to call the challenge complete and move on.

So here is my ‘wing it’ fashion Auraknot dancing with the Diva ;)


 I’m off to a great new beginning with wonderful things on the horizon, including a year full of completed challenges…no matter what the excuse is!

With gratitude,



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    1. Thank you Beverly! Zentangle is a stress reliever, not a stress creator…how bad can it be right? Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I do appreciate it!

    1. That’s it…I’ve done a ‘tangleation’! Good way to think of it, actually…and why not? Thank you for the vote of confidence in my not so proud contribution. Thank you for taking the time to comment…and encourage!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Sue! That occurred simply because there was just too much white space for my comfort ;) Thanks for commenting. Now on to check out the contributions so far for ‘the basics’ :)

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