Challenge #250

A two week participation streak! I’m well on my way to a successful ‘challenge’ year ;)

This week ‘The Diva’ gave us a challenge near and dear to my heart. Everyone has their own story as to how Zentangle® has not only come into their lives, but has stayed a part of their life. Zentangle® to me, means far more than creating art. It is my center. It is my balance. It is my meditation, it is a ceremony, and it is my expression of inner peace. Blah, blah, blah…I know. What I’m trying to say, is although all the of masterpieces that are created through others using Zentangle® as their base form of art, with beautiful expressions of color and now the introduction of shiny gems, although amazingly creative and wonderfully pleasing to the eye, is not typically how I walk my Zentangle® journey. Not right, not wrong, just me. Don’t misunderstand, I dabble in all those left brain processes, and I do create larger pieces with various colored mediums that are pleasing to myself and others, but when I want the ceremony, when I do it for me, I stick to my 3.5″ x 3.5″ white tiles and stick with the basics. Not because it’s comfortable, but because in true Zentangle® form, it serves many benefits to me and my life. So, the challenge this week was to go back to the basics. I wanted something boxy and straight forward for this challenge…very basic. So, very basic is what I have to share.


A special thank you to all who drop over to see my contribution, and for those leaving comments? Know, they are truly appreciated and many inspiring.

With gratitude,



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  1. Tiles on tiles within a tile – I’m sure that’s very significant of something, though I’m not capable of guessing what. But it is what it is, very simple and yet with depth.

  2. Your back to basics tile does have a reverent quality. It reminds me of stained glass windows. I recently gave a small Intro to Zentangle class. I only had 2 students, so while they were working on each tangle, I joined them. It felt good. I’ve resolved to get back to basics on a regular basis.

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