Challenge Catchup (252, 253, 254)

So many ‘good things’ are happening right now, it’s hard to believe this is my life! I am truly blessed. Although I have been dong the challenges every week, I fall short on the posting of them to my blog for all to see. This is a bit of a catch up blog post from past week challenge responses to our most current challenge…expressing love through a ‘valentangle’.

Challenge 252: Tangle as a string. Conveniently enough, the same week, Zenuari had the same challenge so I was able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as they say. I used Squill as my string.


Challenge 253: Molygon…Zentangle HQ’s latest official tangle. Somehow I think this has potential, but it needs a lot more playing on my part to ‘get it’…but none the less…back of the tile and all…this is my submission.


And finally, Challenge 254: Valentangle. Expressing love through tangling Valentine’s Day. In my life, love is flowing, so I wanted to try to get some flow to my expression. Who else do you turn to when you want flow but Helen Williams? I’ll never do her style justice, but it sure was fun trying!


Happy Valentine’s Day…or for those that don’t necessarily celebrate (like myself), Happy ‘Everyday’ Day to you and the one’s you love! Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek (and bearing with me as I ‘catch up’)

With gratitude,


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  1. Great “Every Day” tile, you’ve done Helen justice. Great job on all tiles, the black back of tile with Mooka is so fun.

  2. Gosh you have been busy. Lovely tiles all are Great responses to the various challenges.. I wish I could get Helen Williams flow too.

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