Weekly Challenge #210

I’m feeling as though the past two weeks everything I have on my studio ‘to do’ list has been a challenge. Yes, even the no brainer, simple things that should ‘just be’ have turned into roadblocks and challenges. So to say this weeks diva challenge crept up on me and for the first time I wasn’t really looking forward to it is an understatement. But, this is the one challenge I do have on my list as a challenge, so after a deep breath it was accepted, and even welcomed.

The weekly challenge given this week was to use a spiral string for our tile. Hmmm…where to go with this one. The first vision that came to me was quite viney and frilly, almost dainty – lots of white. That would not be my typical response, but that’s what I got from reading the challenge. I often wonder what my head really does inside when it translates what I ‘see’ down through my hand and onto paper. I get mixed signals often…maybe there is a short? This is definitely one of those head shaking moments of questioning it’s translation…no vines, no frills, definitely not dainty, and certainly no white…  None the less, this week’s challenge response:


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    1. Thank you so much LonettA. The background tangle is called Hi-CS by Anita Roby…it was my first time trying it, but it was a really fun one to do! It’s a keeper for me!

  1. I’m always amazed when I sit down with a plan and pen in my hand only to find that my pen has gone off with plans of its own. Very nice work!

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