What just happened here?

Last post: April 15th / Challenge #213.

Fast forward a bit over five months to September 23rd / Challenge #236, and you’ve reached me at another crossroad of ‘Where did the time go?’ and ‘What happened to that weekly blog posting and personal challenge of completely a year’s worth of Diva Challenges?’ There are no words.

No sense in beating myself up over lost time and incomplete goals. Once again, I’m saying today is a new day and it’s about what I do today to make today a success…and then tomorrow…and then the day after that…and the day after that. Focus on each day as a new challenge to do my best and meet my goals, for that day and that day alone. I will say though, I feel this blog is a bit like exercise, once you stop the practice, it’s easier to make excuses as to ‘why’ than it is to simply jump back in. Maybe if I break it down into daily successes and goals, I won’t find it too difficult, or embarrassing, to pick it back up the next day in order to make that day a success.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been ALOT of wonderful things happening on this side of the computer screen. Teaching schedules have picked up, there are new venues wanting to be added to the schedule, proposals are still on the street for approval, new proposals go out daily, new classes and workshops are being created, art has been selling…things are great! But that doesn’t excuse the fact that I had a goal, and I let myself down on that goal (and if we’re honest, on some others as well).

So, as I jump from Spring right into Fall, I will not go back, but instead, pick up from this week’s challenge and move forward. Because, that is the only direction I am able to go. No regrets, just lessons. Lessons of daily successes and goals. Didn’t have a successful day? No worries. Tomorrow is a new day with a new set of goals and successes. Just like anyone can exercise for 30 min. if we so choose to, anyone can accept the successes and yes, even failures of a single day.

Challenge #236 – tangle on something unexpected, something you wouldn’t ordinarily tangle on. I usually don’t cheat and look at others’ submissions before I complete mine, but I have to admit, today I did. Some people definitely found ‘unexpected’ in a very unique way. From a box of Corn Flakes that made even this Lucky Charm lover interested in Corn Flakes, to a cantaloupe. Yes, you read correctly…a cantaloupe. Well…I chose a piggy bank. Probably not that unique, but since I don’t ordinarily use my IDentiPen, I chose one of the many free piggy banks that my daughter was unloading, and I was the lucky recipient of, and decided to give it a whirl. Here is my unexpected:

pig             pig1

A Challenge completed after a five month hiatus for no apparent reason, with a future of daily successes. Life is good.

With Gratitude,



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    1. I don’t usually do 3-D objects, so that in itself posed a bit of a challenge, but it did turn out to be fun! Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment…they’re always fun to read :) Have a great day!

    1. Hmmm…I’m not sure about the big bucks part, but fun none the less :) Maybe one day I’ll have a grandchild that might appreciate my challenge efforts…until then, I’m sure she’ll sit back up on the shelf and begin collecting multiple layers of dust! Thank you for commenting and enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you Jean! Unfortunately far too often life is swirling around us…thanks to Zentangle® we have the know how to simply be in the whirlwind and be OK with it. When the wind dies down we always make it out on the other side unharmed :) Thanks for stopping in and leaving your kind words!

    1. Ahhh, thank you Ilse! I think it might look better in pictures ;) And by the way, I tried to stop over and leave a comment on your entry with no success…not sure why, but the comment button didn’t open a comment box for me. Obviously no one else had problems since there were so many! Good for you! But I wanted you to know I love your cow…and everything else you do. Love seeing your daily feeds…you inspire me. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Annette! Thank you so much for liking my piggy :) I used an IdentiPen. I wasn’t a real fan the first time I tried it on glass, but figured for challenge purposes it would be fine. I really liked how it glided over this shiny porcelain little guy though…maybe I’ll try again on glass.

  1. This cute piggy made me smile, I love it. On my blog you asked me what pens I used for tangling on the slices of wood. For the small piece I used a Sakura Micron 01 and for the larger one an Identy pen. The last on was better, because the Micron stopped giving ink from time to time and I had to make some lines on on piece of paper before I could use it again on the wood.

        1. Hi Annemarie! Thank you so much for coming back to share who you were! :) I so enjoy ‘meeting’ all these wonderful tanglers and love our community. Almost feels like we all know each other just by the little peeks into each others’ lives that we share. Thanks for sharing your ‘insider secrets’ to your wood pieces as well…and of course for liking my piggy! Now, I’m on to this week’s challenge!

  2. What a cute little tangle piggy! Glad you are back, but we shouldn’t feel pressure to participate in every thing online. When you’re here, we love it, when you’re not, it’s because life is happening!

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